Welcome to the August 2013 edition.

Your response to our Neuroscience in Education Campaign launched in our June Newsletter has been overwhelming.  If you have not already joined the campaign by either emailing our education ministers or making a facebook post please Join Us.  This is your opportunity to help your students.  Visit our website for more information.

Who are Australia’s Best Tutors?

Do you know a great tutor? For reading, maths or other subjects – primary or secondary.

Parents sometimes ask us to recommend a tutor for their child after they have finished Fast ForWord. So we are compiling a list of the best.  Please give us your recommendations.  Tutor name, location, subject speciality and any contact details would be great.
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For your convenience all our past newsletters are available as well as product information, a Help Centre and Frequently Asked Questions.
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High School Language Checklist

How do you know if your high school student may have a language disability?  Download our free checklist to see if your student may need extra support.

Book of Month

Secrets of the Teenage Brain

Featuring the latest research on the adolescent brain, this second edition offers teachers fresh instructional strategies that work for engaging erratic, distracted, and often unpredictable teenagers.
Lighthearted and informative, this hands-on resource helps educators understand the key issues affecting cognition and adolescent learners’ emotional, social, and physical well-being. Read More

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Countdown to The Reading Hour!

Thousands of people around the country will be sharing a book together on Saturday 24 August.

Join in the celebration at your local library or school, tell your friends or plan an event at home.  Ways to celebrate The Reading Hour and sharing books together are endless.

Visit your local library and bookstore to find out what events and activities are taking place, or check out the website.


Do you have questions about your child or students? Email us

Question: My child has always struggled to remember and comprehend instructions.  He doesn’t seem to ‘listen’.  His teacher complains that he doesn’t remember what she has said.

Answer:  Many parents complain that their child ‘doesn’t listen’.  Firstly, it is important to check that their hearing is ok. There are several reasons for children to have difficulty in this area.  They may have poor auditory memory, or the child may have a receptive language problem or a problem processing the information.  Some children may have difficulties sustaining their attention.  Whatever the cause Fast ForWord is very effective in improving a child’s ability to remember and follow instructions.