Welcome to the August 2014 edition of the Learning Brain.

There’s lots happening in August – the Learning Difference Convention in Sydney, National Literacy and Numeracy Week and the MS Readathon – see how you can get involved.

Read the complete Barbara Arrowsmith interview with LearnFast and start to follow Cameron’s journey, from a primary student struggling with auditory processing disorder to a successful high school graduate and TAFE student.

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PS: Don’t miss the two videos at the end of this newsletter – the advantages of teaching a class who have improved their learning capacity as well as what we do and don’t know about autism.

PPS: We have received number of different answers to the puzzle in our last Newsletter. The right answer is 90. Did you get it correct?

What’s New?

Barbara Arrowsmith speaks with LearnFast

Barbara Arrowsmith agreed to an interview with LearnFast when she was in Australia on her recent speaking tour.

In the interview she discussed a wide range of topics including her “Arrowsmith Program”, cognitive deficits, her work with Dr Norman Doidge and improving the learning capacity of every student. Read the complete 30 minute interview here.

Latest Research

Baby’s Brain Rehearses before First Words

New research shows that speech sounds stimulate areas of an infant’s brain that coordinate and plan for the physical movements needed for speech. Read more.

Book of the Month


Sort your Brain Out – Dr Jack Lewis & Adrian Webster

Sort your Brain Out contains practical and concise facts and tips detailing how to enhance creativity and performance, optimise stress, make better decisions and actually change your brain, keep ageing at bay and eat well for the brain. Well worth a look.

Learning Difference Conference The Learning Difference Convention is on at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in Sydney – August 6 & 7. This year the Convention has been awarded Professional Development Accreditation by The Board of Studies and the Teachers Institute.Devon Barnes will be speaking on Auditory Processing Disorder on Thursday 7th at 9am and LearnFast will be exhibiting at the convention at booth #17. Why not drop by and say hi?


This year National Literacy and Numeracy Week will is on between 25th & 31st August. The week represents a collaborative approach by the Australian Government and school communities to highlight the importance of literacy and numeracy skills for all children and young people, with a specific focus on school-aged children. See how you can get involved.

MS readathon

The MS Readathon is a reading-based fundraiser run by Multiple Sclerosis Australia (MSA). Now in its 36th year, the MS Readathon encourages people of all ages to read and improve their literacy whilst at the same time raising their community awareness and empowering them to make a difference in the lives of people living with MS. This year, the reading period is the month of August. Why not join in?

Does this sound like you?

Learning difficulties have an impact beyond the classroom.

AAFor some children with learning difficulties, participating in conversations with other children can be a challenge, self-esteem is dragged down and then your child can end up a target for bullies.

We feel privileged to hear the stories of those we have helped and thought you might like to hear one too. Yes, it is easy to see the short term improvements from using our neuroscience programs to help train the brain. But many people ask: “will the improvements last?”

Cameron’s journey is a series of blogs sharing his last 9 years, since being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder.

Cam didn’t like school – sound familiar? How can you change that – especially if there is an underlying block to learning ?

Read Cam’s journey, from age 10, being diagnosed with APD and how he has used Fast ForWord to help overcome the challenges of this disability, graduate from high school and start his TAFE studies.