Welcome to the December 2018 Learning Brain News.

The school year is over in Australia and New Zealand. So this edition features some fun activities to keep your children happy in the holidays.

Plus there are the regular sections on Latest Research & What’s New showcasing some scientific advances in understanding language, reading and learning.

And we have found a great 3D colouring App you can use to bring kid’s drawing to life.

All the best for a happy, peaceful and rewarding break. See you again in February (the Learning Brain News is taking our annual break in January).

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Learning Brain News

Latest Research

New Insight Into How Babies Learn - “Lip Experts”

Portrait of a beautiful peaceful baby boy Scientists in the new field of infant social neuroscience are using safe brain science technologies to study how soon after birth infants make sense of their bodies. A study of 25 two month old babies revealed what most mothers know - that babies use their lips to interact with the world.

“Young babies are lip experts, and their brains reflect this”, says lead researcher Professor Andrew Meltzoff. Read more.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 2.56.09 pmWhat's New?

Brain Plasticity at Work

In this short video Dr Michael Merzenich, Fast ForWord founding scientist, explains what happens in a brain as a young child learns to feed itself with a spoon. (Thanks to Brain HQ for this video).


What's On?

School Holidays in Australia & New Zealand

The holidays are nearly here. Whether you are going away or having a break at home you might find some of the links below useful.

100 fun activities to do on school holidays

12 easy easy to beat school holiday boredom at home

Road trips with children: 12 top tips for family drives

The 35 best ever tips for entertaining kids on long car rides

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School Holiday Programs

School Readiness

Do you have a child starting school in 2019? These at home programs may pave their way to a good start. 

Intensive Learning & Reading Boost

The Brain Builder Bootcamp could be just what your child needs to make 2019 a better year at school.


The Learning Capacity Podcast

Dr Judy FordCommunicating from Complex to Simple: Dr Judy Ford

Dr Judy Ford How do you communicate complex information in a way that people unfamiliar with the subject's jargon can understand it? How do teams of experts from different disciplines communicate with each other?

Dr Judy Ford, retired genetics expert and now a communications specialist, spoke to The Learning Capacity Podcast about ways to overcome these challenges. Read more.

Careers Guidance for Secondary Students

Alan StevensWhat Does Pinocchio & Facial Profiling have to do with Career Choices?

How do young people figure out what they want to do as a career? How do they succeed in the interviews for the job they want? And how can they learn some of the people skills to help their workplace success?

Internationally recognised facial profiling authority, Alan Stevens has developed a course to help school leavers transitioning to work. And he explains why the Pinocchio nose story may not be totally fictitious. Read more.

16_Learning_difficulties_terms_ebook_coverFree Download

16 Terms to Help you Understand your Child's Learning Difficulties - ebook Download

If you have a child with language challenges, reading problems or learning difficulties, and you have sought help from their teacher, speech pathologist or other learning professionals, you may have heard some unfamiliar terms.

This free eBook covers 16 common terms used in discussions about learning difficulties. Once you understand these, you should be able to have more productive discussions with your child's teacher or therapists.

My first book about the brainBook of the Month

My First Book About the Brain

My First Book About the Brain (Patricia J. Wynne and Donald M. Silver) is a colouring book that introduces readers aged 8-12 to some of the many marvellous workings of the brain.

Buy on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 5.43.29 pmApp of the Month

Quiver - 3D Colouring App

Bring your children’s colouring-in to life through augmented reality. You print out the drawings. Your child colours them in. Then load a photo of their pictures into the Quiver app. And their creations are animated in 3D.

Solutions to Learning Challenges