Welcome to the December 2019 Learning Brain News.

This is the last Learning Brain News for 2019.  You will see the next edition in February.

As always, this month’s edition brings you a wide range of interesting (and I hope some useful) information about learning, teaching and our brains. Read about social-emotional learning, gender differences in maths ability (there’s none), memory, ADHD and learning during the holidays. 

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PS: Check out the item about Artificial Intelligence in education - how will it impact students, teachers and learning?

Latest Research

Wideangle picture of funny schoolgirl with paper plane. Elements of this image are furnished by NASAHow Does Language Emerge? Insights from New Study

How did the 6,000 languages of the world come into being? Researchers have tried to simulate the process of developing a new communication system -- with surprising results: even preschool children can spontaneously develop communication systems that exhibit core properties of natural language. Read more.



black office utencils over whiteBrain Scans Confirm There's No Difference Between Boy And Girl Brains Doing Maths

There are no gender differences in the brain when it comes to maths processing ability, a new study has confirmed.

This could be a step towards finally laying to rest long-standing prejudices that girls can't do sums as well as boys. Read more.

What's On?



Positive Impact of Social-Emotional Learning and Neuroscience-Based Approaches 

Join Dr. Martha Burns as she reviews the latest research on the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences brain maturation and learning. She also discusses research on how Positive Childhood Experiences are associated with positive educational outcomes.

The webinar concludes with suggestions for individualised instruction combined with technology to build academic skills, as well as the confidence to achieve.


The Australian and New Zealand summer holidays are almost here! 

Choose from four unique learning programs for the upcoming holidays to help your children improve social skills, reading or their learning ability. Also prepare those starting school in 2020 to get off to a positive beginning.

Check out the programs below. Limited places remaining

Is your Child Starting
Next Year?Ready, Set, Go

Is your Child Struggling with
Learning at School?
Brain Builder BootCamp

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Platypus Power Reading

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For School Aged Children
The Social Express



Woman splashing colorful paint from a can - isolated over white background14 People with Autism Share What It’s Like to be on the Spectrum

It’s a question many neurotypicals have, but it’s not always easy for people with autism to answer. After all, how do you explain something when that’s all you know? And how can you explain the autism experience when it’s so diverse? Read more.



How Old Memories Fade Away

If you got beaten up by a bully on your walk home from school every day, you would probably become very afraid of the spot where you usually met him. However, if the bully moved out of town, you would gradually cease to fear that area.

Right decision wisdom strategy concept. Side profile middle aged man solving problem isolated on gray wall background. Face expressionNeuroscientists call this phenomenon “memory extinction”: Conditioned responses fade away as older memories are replaced with new experiences.

A new study reveals a gene that is critical to the process of memory extinction.


self control boardgameADHD

The 2019 gift guide for adults & children with ADHD

Courtesy of ADDitude, a guide for finding creative, useful, appreciated gifts for children and adults with ADHD. Learn more.

The Learning Success Podcast

Artificial intelligence brainWhat's Happening with Artificial Intelligence in Education & Learning?

What's artificial intelligence got to do with learning and education? Perhaps now more than you think, and in the future it may have an even bigger impact on how teachers teach and how students learn.

Hear how educator Moya Gibb Smith gave a presentation about the role of artificial intelligence (or AI as its generally known) in education and learning and how it's going to affect students, teachers, and tutors.

The Learning Capacity Blog

Family in a hikking day climbing up the hillHow To Turn Family Vacations Into Learning Opportunities

Holidays offer many benefits and they don’t have to be expensive or exotic to teach kids a thing or two.

There's no reason you can’t make learning a priority on your next family break or trip. Learn more.

Careers Guidance for Secondary Students

Next Steps written on the roadHow to Navigate from Year 12 to Tertiary Study

Do you know any recent school leavers who are waiting for their results? Are they hoping for a university offer?

It’s early December and it won’t be long before the first university offers for recent school leavers are made.  Here are some points that will help them with their next steps.

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Free Resource Centre - Checklists, Tips & Tools for Learning

Have you visited our library of free resources lately? Topics covered include: learning enhancement, learning difficulties, child development, reading and the latest in educational neuroscience. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back soon, because new resources are constantly added.

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Rosie projectBook of the Month

The Rosie Project

A good read for the holidays, this clever, funny, and moving book is about being comfortable with who you are and what you're good at. 

The Rosie Project is about a brilliant, emotionally challenged geneticist on the autism spectrum who's determined to find a suitable wife with the help of a carefully designed questionnaire, and the unsuitable woman who keeps distracting him from his search.

Autistic Hero Comic Book

Mighty-League-2-Autism-Comic-1-300x225Mighty League 2: Autistic Hero Comic Book

The Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug is an interactive digital comic that can be read on any Apple or Android device. It teaches children about autism, friendship, self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

Horrible Hug is an entertaining story with an autistic main character. It helps others connect to the autism experience and discover that there are more similarities than differences.

Solutions to Learning Challenges