10 tips talking to your child about attention issues

10 Tips for Parents to Help with Attention Issues at Home

Imagine this: You’re heading out in the morning, taking off for the day with the kids in tow. They’re dressed, have their backpacks, and all they need to do is get their shoes on. You ask once… you ask again… maybe you offer to help or ask them to choose what shoes they want to wear for the day. Maybe you tell them more forcefully to get their shoes on. As your frustration rises, so does your voice. Sound familiar?

While it may seem as much a part of your routine as having your kids brush their teeth, getting your kids to pay attention is a skill. If your child struggles to pay attention (at home, in the car, at dinner, in school...), there are things you can do to help them focus that don’t require yelling or tears.

Whether your family is dealing with a specific diagnosis like ADHD, autism, or other learning disabilities, or you're dealing with typical, age-appropriate attention issues, the strategies in this eBook can help.

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Illustration of a ringed planet, maybe Saturn, with a couple moons within its orbit

New Worlds

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Illustration of a ringed planet, maybe Saturn, with a couple moons within its orbit

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Extraterrestrial life

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