Welcome to the January 2015 edition of The Learning Brain.

Maybe you have a bit more time to catch up on some reading now that the school holidays are here, and the Christmas and New Year commitments are over? If you do, we have some interesting reading (and videos) for you in this January 2015 holiday edition of The Learning Brain, including:

  • More evidence (this time from a two year Australian study) that BrainTraining works
  • Free Download – “The Measured Mum” offers printables to help teach rhymes, sight words, handwriting and maths
  • The new TED-Ed interactive periodic table with a video for each element.

I hope you enjoy these.

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PS: Check the end of The Learning Brain for some fun exercises to improve your attention and working memory.

Latest Research

Support for Brain Training from Arrowsmith Program Catholic Schools Trial

Yet another trial of brain training for students who struggle to learn has concluded that brain training works.

The Catholic Education system in Sydney has concluded a two year trial of the Arrowsmith program, and given it the “thumbs up”. This was reported recently by the ABC’s 7:30 program. Learn more here.

Bilingual brains better equipped to process information

Speaking more than one language is good for the brain, according to new research that indicates bilingual speakers process information more efficiently and more easily than those who know a single language. The benefits occur because the bilingual brain is constantly activating both languages and choosing which language to use and which to ignore, said a researcher. Read more.

What’s New?

TED-Ed launches an interactive periodic table with a video for every element!

Memorising the elements of the periodic table and understanding its properties can be difficult!

TED-Ed collaborated with Brady Haran, best known for his YouTube channel Numberphile and his extensive video coverage of the periodic table, to create a clickable periodic table with videos on every element.

Click here to visit the table and find out fun facts on all your favorite elements, from Hydrogen to Ununennium and beyond.

periodic table

The Measured Mum

Free Download

The Measured Mum – Tools for Teaching

The Measured Mum website offers a large selection of free printables including books of rhymes and songs, alphabet books, handwriting pages, emergent readers, sight word readers and maths activities to name a few. Why not take a look.

Book of the Month

Thinking Differently: An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties by David Flink

Has your child ever been told by his or her teacher to “just try harder”? Have you thought that their difficulites with reading, maths or inability to keep up in class would be fixed if they would just put in a bit more effort? While this may be a common reaction by adults to a child they think could do better, it is not the answer for children with learning difficulties.

Drawing on his own personal experiences David Flink offers strategies for teaching, parenting and supporting children with learning difficulties. Read More.

Social Navigator App of the Month

Social Navigator

The Social Navigator is a social skills app developed to assist children with social and behavioural challenges. Designed to be both a behaviour management device and a teaching tool, this app can be used anytime a child is becoming agitated or when their behaviour begins to conflict with others. Learn more.

What’s On?

When Carl met George: Aspergers explained for children

Have you or your children watched the cartoon ‘Arthur’? Arthur is about a group of engaging and articulate animals who go through the usual ups and downs of life. In the episode “When Carl Met George” George discovers that Carl has Asperger’s Syndrome and seeks advice on how to understand Carl better. If your child or your child’s friend has Autism or Asperger’s this cartoon is worth watching. Watch it here.