Welcome to the July 2015 edition of The Learning Brain.

The school holidays are here again. Two terms finished. We are halfway through the school year – it seems to be going so quickly!

As always, there is lots happening for teachers, parents and students. There is new research about learning from the neuroscientists, new learning apps are appearing, and the debate about how best to educate our children continues.

This month you can read about interesting autism research, working memory and the new Learning Capacity Podcast, a source of information about learning and neuroscience that you can listen to on any device, anywhere, anytime.

By the way, if you want some really useful study tips for your students, take a look at the Book of the Month.

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PS: What’s school for? Take a look at the video of a TED talk in Point of View. You might find it thought provoking and controversial, depending on your point of view!

Latest Research

Family genetics study reveals new clues to autism risk

A study of almost 2,400 children with autism, their parents and unaffected siblings has provided new insights into the genetics of the condition. By analysing data from families with one child with autism and one or more children without the condition, the researchers collected new information on how different types of gene variations affect autism risk. Read more.

What’s New?

The Learning Capacity Podcast

It’s new and it’s always on. You can listen to expert interviews, discussions about learning difficulties including helpful tips, ideas about learning and education in the latest neuroscience in LearnFast’s new Learning Capacity Podcast.

Listen any time, anywhere on your phone, iPad or computer.

Working Memory

Brain Areas Responsible for Working Memory are Changing All the Time

Our understanding of how a key part of the human brain works may be wrong. That’s the conclusion of a team at Oxford University’s Centre for Human Brain Activity.

Until now, it was thought that working memory – the way in which we deal with and respond to immediate demands – was underpinned by stable brain patterns. The research team discovered that instead, the areas of the brain responsible for working memory are changing all the time. Read more.

Book of the Month

How We Learn – The surprising truth about when, where, & why it happens

“How We Learn – The Surprising Truth About When, Where & Why It Happens”, by Benedict Carey is a fascinating, easy to read book about learning and memory.

Carey describes the science behind some surprising learning techniques, like the benefit of changing your study location, and mixing a variety of subjects in a single study session.

This is a useful book for students, their teachers and any adults wanting to make learning easier and more efficient.

Get 9 Tips to Improve How You Learn.

What’s On?

Barbara Arrowsmith Young – Australia & New Zealand Tour

Barbara Arrowsmith Young will be touring Australia and New Zealand between 18th August and 4th September. See further information here.

Learning Difference Conference

The Learning Difference Convention will be held on 27th & 28th August at the Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney.