Welcome to the July 2016 edition of The Learning Brain.

The Educating with Neuroscience Conference, sponsored by LearnFast, is on in Melbourne on Friday 26th August. There you will be able to hear from international neuroscientists and educators from Australia & New Zealand who have implemented educational neuroscience in their schools. Early bird tickets close 15 July.

You will find new information about music training, learning and autism in the newsletter. Plus there are 38 free learning resources for you on our new Free Resources Centre - you will find the link to the Centre below.

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PS: For more information about the Educating with Neuroscience Conference in August, click on the links in What’s On below.

autism_and_beyond_app.pngWhat’s New?

Your Phone Could Help Determine If A Child Is On The Spectrum

The iPhone app Autism & Beyond, created by a medical team at Duke University, looks to help make the early diagnosis of autism easier for parents everywhere.

While this app is not meant to serve as a replacement for the official diagnosis, it allows parents to get a head start on scheduling a screening. Considering the importance of early diagnosis, this is a critical advantage.

The program measures a child's facial reactions to a variety of stimuli, including lights and sounds. The child's expressions are recorded using the device's built-in camera, and evaluated to determine whether there is any indication of autism. Learn more about the program here. Download the app here.

Helicopter_parents.jpgLatest Research

Helicopter parents: Hovering may have effect as kids transition to adulthood

Parental involvement is crucial to a child's development into an adult, but researchers are finding that crossing the line between supportive and too involved could indirectly lead to issues such as depression and anxiety for young adults. Read more.

Learning music speeds up kids’ brains

kids_playing_music.jpgIn 2012 the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association launched a five-year longitudinal research collaboration with the University of Southern California Brain and Creativity Institute (BIC), to investigate the impact of music training on children’s well-being and development.

Now after only two years of music training (2013-2015), the BCI has published preliminary results that clearly show these children already have marked progress in two vital areas: they are better at processing sound and the maturation of their brain has accelerated. Read more.

Learning Capacity Podcast

The Learning Capacity Podcast

Cultures of Thinking in our Schools - Simon Brooks

Cultures of Thinking is an educational framework that emerged from the work of Ron Ritchhart and the Project Zero team at Harvard University.

On the Learning Capacity Podcast, Colin Klupiec been speaking with educational consultant, Simon Brooks about each of the 8 cultural forces in the framework.

Simon Brooks spent years implementing cultures of thinking into his classrooms. He now helps teachers introduce the framework in their schools. Listen to the first 5 parts of the Cultures of Thinking series.

Free Download

Maths Skills Booster – July Worksheets

Thanks again for sending through your Maths Skills Booster feedback, it is very encouraging. Here are a few of the comments we received last month:brain_weights.jpg

  • My son finds it fun to do - not just homework all the time
  • Like the challenge and the sequential development
  • The kids are getting used to doing their timestables
  • A boost for adult learners

Ready for your new set of Maths Skills Booster Worksheets?  You can download the July worksheets here.

Did you miss out on the original Maths Skills Booster? You can get it here.

kids_playing2-843404-edited.jpgFree Resource Centre - Checklists, Tips & Tools for Learning

We have put together a library of free resources for you. Topics covered include: learning enhancement, learning difficulties, child development, reading and the latest in educational neuroscience.

We are constantly adding new resources so make sure you bookmark this page and check back soon.


Emotions_learning_and_the_brain_book.jpgBook of the Month

Emotions, Learning & the Brain

Exploring the Educational Implications of Affective Neuroscience

In this ground-breaking collection, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang - an affective neuroscientist, human development psychologist, and former public school teacher explains how our emotions help us understand teaching instruction and help us cement the information we are taught.

The book supports the hypothesis that emotion plays a vital role in helping children apply what they have learned in school to the real world. Read more.

App of the Month

Examtime_app.pngGoConqr by Examtime Limited

ExamTime is a desktop and mobile app that allows you to create online mind maps, flash cards, quizzes and notes, plus also features lots of handy tools such as an online calendar and study planner.

You can also create groups, discuss topics and share resources, so it’s a great way to collaborate with friends whilst studying. Find out more.

Looking for a Solution for your Child's Learning Difficulties?

How Fast ForWord Helped Finn: Autism, Language & Reading Improvements

Watching your child grow up is exciting and wondrous. You marvel at what they pick up and how they develop.

For Kim and her husband, the journey with their son Finn wasn’t quite so straightforward. Finn wasn’t really hitting the usual milestones. He was found to be on the Autism Spectrum, and the main indicator was his language delay.

Despite some scepticism, Finn started the Fast ForWord program, and in what seemed to be a short space of time, the improvements started. Read or listen to Kim's journey here.