Welcome to the June 2013 edition.

This month we are launching our Neuroscience in Education Campaign.  We can lift education standards for every student in every school using knowledge from brain science. No need to wait for the Gonski funding. Join our campaign to alert the politicians how this can be done using existing proven knowledge, technology and resources.

Please keep your ideas and questions coming, we love to hear from you and to share thoughts with other concerned educators and parents.

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Whats New


Access Conciousness

We’ve all been holding our breath waiting to hear the decision about Gonski. Let’s act now.

The LearnFast Group has launched a Neuroscience in Education Campaign to reach every level of Government in education in Australia via email and social media activity. We want to show them how student achievements can be substantially improved—quickly and inexpensively—by adopting existing, proven technologies to build the brains and learning capacity of every student, in every school.  No need to wait for more funding from Gonski.

We know you are passionate about children’s education and the education system that serves them. You can help your students by taking part in our campaign and make our voices heard. We’ve made it simple for you to take part. Get involved today!

Latest Research

How Reading Literature Stimulates your Brain


You know that feeling when you’re reading a beautifully written book and you experience it as though you are literally there? A recent study demonstrates—through the use of MRI—that areas of the brain involved in spatial awareness and movement, are stimulated when we read analytically, creating this experience of time and place.
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PreschoolPre-school Language Checklist

How do you know if your pre-school child may have a language disability?  Download our free checklist to see if your child or student may need extra support.

Book Of Month

Over Coming DyslexiaOvercoming Dyslexia

First published in 2005, this is still at the top of the MUST READ LIST for anyone dealing with Dyslexia, and here’s why:

Topics covered:

  • What is dyslexia and why some smart kids read slowly
  • Identifying dyslexia in all ages
  • Schooling and working with your child
  • Exercises to stimulate reading parts of the brain
  • Ideas for home to enhance reading, including fluency training
  • Common problem words for Dyslexics
  • Building and preserving self-esteem in the face of Dyslexia

Want to know more:

App Of Month
Maths Mania

Maths Mania

iPad Apps for Maths are in abundance, but many don’t hold kid’s attention for very long. Maths Mania is designed for teenagers—a very hard group to engage—as it has an appealing, hand-written notepad-style screen. Maths Mania provides practice of number skills, and makes solving maths problems fun.

Check it out Here.

Whats On

Online Fast ForWord Educator Training

Improve your knowledge of how the brain learns and better understand ALL your students, with the flexible online Fast ForWord course for Educators. Only $99.

Work at your own pace, and learn through engaging videos and recommended reading.  Have a go using Fast ForWord yourself, with complimentary access to all programs.

Presented by Speech Pathologist, Devon Barnes, and facilitated by Educator, Shahin Seker, this course will enable you to gain from their extensive knowledge and experience in the application of neuroscience to learning, and the use of Fast ForWord in schools. Register here.

LearnFastEDU Seminars

LearnFastEDU is an endorsed provider of NSW Institute of Teachers Registered Professional Development. The following seminars will be held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Visit the LearnFastEDU website to learn more.


Online Fast ForWord Educator Training

What Else is On?

LearnFast is exhibiting at the Positive Schools Conference in Melbourne in June and the New Zealand Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour Association Conference in New Zealand in September.  Please be sure to drop by our stand and say hello.

Question & Answers

Do you have questions about your child or students? Email us

Question: “We have been using Reading Assistant for a month now and my daughter loves it. The daily reading practice is making a huge difference to her fluency and willingness to read aloud to me, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Will this improvement in fluency also help with comprehension?

Answer:  Great question. As you can imagine, when a child reads slowly and stumbles on words, their ability to take in and understand what they read is compromised. Each time a child repeats a book and they become more familiar with the text, they read more fluently. With increased fluency, comprehension becomes easier and with practice, an even deeper understanding of the story and joy of reading. Repetition and practice are essential for fluency and comprehension and we love that Reading Assistant provides these in such a fun way. Keep up the wonderful work!