There’s so much to read in this month’s edition. New autism research to help early diagnosis, preschooler apps, career planning for high school students, research about super stressed teachers, advice to beat screen addiction and some good news for adults’ brains.

Plus, Richard Branson’s 3 tips for dyslexic students.


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social-brain-autism-publicLatest Research

EEGs Accurately Predict Autism as Early as 3 Months

Autism is challenging to diagnose, especially early in life.

A new study in the journal Scientific Reports shows that inexpensive EEGs, which measure brain electrical activity, accurately predict or rule out autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in infants, even in some as young as 3 months. Read more.


ipad screen


How to Choose Apps for Preschoolers

Apps for kids that encourage interactions between parents and their children can offer the same benefits to developing minds as analog toys do, according to new studies.

Ideally you should choose apps that include a role for parents or carers and that do not have “auto-play” features which tempt children to extend their time on the device. Read more.


What's New?

portrait stressed sad young woman outdoors. City urban life style stressMany Teachers are Super Stressed

You are probably thinking that’s not new. And of course you are correct.

But what is new is that recent research suggests 9 out of every 10 primary school teachers in the USA feel highly stressed. Is this level of teacher stress similar in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada?

Read about the USA research here


BrainHQGood News for Adults - Improve Thinking & Actions

A new study demonstrates that an exercise, known as “Double Decision”, in the BrainHQ adult brain-training program improves both thinking and behaviour.

“Double Decision” not only boosts cognitive function but it also leads to improvements in daily life, including driving safety, health-related quality of life, balance, and confidence. Read more.

The Learning Success Blog

we-all-make-grammar-mistakes-238251-editedFast ForWord Helped Mac with Auditory Processing, Writing & Spelling

Sally Wilcox noticed that her son Mac was becoming increasingly frustrated with writing and spelling when he was in grade 5. Mac hated writing.

Sally recalled the early markers were already appearing in grade 1 when Mac had difficulty following instructions. Mac was later diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. Sally was told he would grow out of it. But the problems persisted and Sally knew that something else needed to happen. Read more.

Creative sign with the message - Success AheadCareers Guidance for Secondary Students

Career Planning in Secondary School: Start Early & Keep Options Open

If you have a Year 10 student or a senior secondary student, how do they figure out what to do after school?

Early planning pays, but keep your options open, says Career Advisor, Gordon Doyle. He says to start with the most important question: what do I want to do? In this article he tells what to do next. Read more.

Reading_BrainFree Download

10 Ways to Help your Child Develop a 'Reading Brain'

The reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension as well as cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing are critical to reading fluently. Use these pointers to help your child develop these skills.

genius withinBook of the Month

The Genius Within - Discovering the Intelligence of Every Living Thing

In The Genius Within Dr. Frank Vertosick discovers and illustrates the profound intelligence of every living thing, from the smallest virus to the entire ecosystem.

Read how something as common as the immune system works with a savvy and devious cleverness. Find out how some cancer cells outwit our finest medical techniques, and gain a profound respect for life itself. Read more.


App of the Month

wilderquestRanger Vision

Students have the chance to contribute to real ecological research by taking photos of New South Wales amazing plants and wildlife on a new app.

This interactive educational tool combines nature and technology to help teachers deliver exciting lessons in and out of the classroom. Get it here: