Welcome to the May 2015 edition of The Learning Brain.

The pace of brain research is astounding. It seems nearly every week some new research is published which adds more to our knowledge of how our brains work and how we learn. In this edition you can read an example of this progress – see Latest Research.

Did you know there are more than 80,000 “educational” apps in the Apple App store? In the App of the Month, you can learn how to sort the good ones from the not so good.

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PS: Free Stuff this month – new Maths Skills Booster worksheets, and idiom posters.

Reading to Children Promotes Brain Development

New research shows that reading to young children is associated with differences in brain activity supporting early reading skills. Find out about the research here.

Working Memory

8 Working Memory Boosters for your Child

Understood.org shares tips to boost working memory. They recommend playing card games and word association games, visualising thoughts and connecting information to emotions and things your child already knows. Read more here.

Individual Idiom Posters

Looking for ways to help teach your students about idioms? Teach Starter has free posters for download such as ‘Hold your horses’, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ and ‘Barking up the wrong tree’. Take a look here.

App of the Month

80,000 Educational iPad Apps – How Do You Choose?

There is no doubt that well-designed apps can engage, entertain and act as effective learning programs for children. But there are many apps which do none of these things very well and may even be negative for your child.

Other than having apps recommended by learning professionals, is there a way you can sort the good from the not so good? Find out here.

Mindd International Forum 2015

Featuring World Experts on Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Nutrient Therapy, Special Diets, Psychiatry, Brain Plasticity and Natural & Neuro Therapies. The Mindd Forum will be held at the Australian Turf Club in Sydney from 15th to 17th May, 2015. Find out more here.

Questions and Answers

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Questions: Can you tell me why you include 11 & 12 times tables, on the Maths Skills Booster, when our number system is based on 10?

Answer: This is a good question and the answer has several components: neuroscience influence, practicality, legacy issues, and also some curious factors. See Why are 11 & 12 times tables useful? for a more detailed answer.