Welcome to the September 2015 edition of The Learning Brain.

Whether you love or loathe NAPLAN, it certainly adds some energy to discussions about education. This month you can read, listen, and also contribute, if you wish, to the discussions.

See The Learning Capacity Podcast to hear the Grattan Institute’s Dr Peter Goss discuss NAPLAN 2015 and targeted teaching. And scroll down to NAPLAN Results – Useful or Not? to let us know what you think of NAPLAN.

Also this month you can get more help with working memory, dyslexia, and a new set of maths worksheets.

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PS: Have you read our most popular blog ever (almost 2500 readers). It’s titled: NAPLAN 2015: How Fast is it Possible to Improve Literacy & Numeracy?

Autism cases among younger children on the rise

The number of autism cases reported in younger Australian children is increasing, according to a new study, but the reasons why are unclear. Is the condition becoming more prevalent, or is it simply being diagnosed more effectively?  Whatever the cause, experts say Australian schools need to prepare for an increase in autistic students. Read more.

The Learning Capacity Podcast

Grattan Institute’s Peter Goss talks NAPLAN 2015 and targeted teaching

What is targeted teaching? Does it produce better student outcomes? How do you implement it in your school?

The answers to these questions are included in a new report titled “Targeted Teaching: How Better Use of Data Can Improve Student Learning”, from the independent think tank, the Grattan Institute.

Read the summary and listen to the Dr Goss Podcast.

NAPLAN Results – Useful or Not?

How do you use NAPLAN results – for your child, for your students?

You have probably seen the recent media attention about NAPLAN, its relevance and the results. Have you seen our blogs? They include comments from education experts.

But you (parents & teachers) are the experts closest to the students. Tell us your NAPLAN experience – good or not so good.

Maths Skills Booster – September Worksheets

Once again we thank you for sharing all your positive feedback on the Maths Skills Booster. Comments like these are very encouraging:Maths Skills Booster – September Worksheets

  • “Sharing with parents” (primary teacher)
  • “Providing hope for students. They CAN do it!” (teacher)
  • “Ease of use, clear and concise” (parent)
  • “A relatively small time commitment for big improvements!” (parent)

Ready for your new set of Maths Skills Booster Worksheets? You can download the September worksheets here.

Did you miss out on the original Maths Skills Booster? You can get it here.

Book of the Month

How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success

Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise and Adult, asserts that today’s young adults lack life skills and resilience; they can’t competently make decisions, manage risk, overcome setbacks, or take charge.

After presenting the problem in detail, she offers a number of viable solutions, encouraging parents to nurture kids’ unique gifts rather than mould them like “little bonsai trees” and to help them develop life skills.

What’s On?

The Mind and Its Potential Conference

Bringing together world-leading scientists, psychologists and educators, The Mind and Its Potential conference will be held on 27th & 28th October at the Concourse, Chatswood in Sydney. For more