Welcome to the September 2018 Learning Brain News.

Robots teaching in classrooms? Surely not? And the researchers agree. But...they will probably be coming to a classroom near your sometime in the not too distant future.

In this month’s Learning Brain News you can read about educator robots, plus take a test to see if you can read as precisely as a first grade student. And find out about what Panama and Singapore have in common with early learning.

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PS: Plus a new online professional development course: Guided Reading Unpacked for Educators

Happy mother and girl having fun outdoorsLatest Research

Conversations Build Brain Connections - Imaging Study

Children who are regularly engaged in conversational turn-taking with adults build stronger connections between brain regions critical for comprehension and production of speech, according to new research. Read more.

robot-1Are Robots coming to a Classroom Near You?

Not any time soon! Robots will never replace teachers, but they may be coming to assist teachers to free them up to do what can only be done best by humans, a study suggests. Read more.

What's On?

Online Professional Development for Teachers

Guided Reading Unpacked for Educators

Strengths in Education


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  • What Guided Reading Is, and Is Not
  • How to build fluency, and comprehension
  • Strategies to help struggling readers & English language learners
  • Download lesson plans & 19 comprehension strategies
  • One hour of PD
  • How to use strengths in education
  • Evidence for positive psychology
  • Is it a talent or a strength?
  • Deficit vs strengths approach
  • 0.5 hour PD


What's New?

unnamed10 New Fast ForWord Features Teachers & Parents Love

More than 2.8 million students around the world have improved their learning and reading with the Fast ForWord123 neuroscience-based programs.

The scientists behind this evidence-based learning enhancement technology have been busy recently making it even more effective with improvements based on the usage data of all these students. The result is Fast ForWord Foundations I, the flagship of the new Fast ForWord. Read more.


Two laughing students looking at the mobile phoneTeens spend more time on digital media, less time reading

When did you last see a teenager reading a book, newspaper or magazine? More often than not you will see them using a digital device. In a recent study less than 20 percent of teens report reading daily for pleasure, while more than 80 percent say they use social media every day. Read more

The, The graphicAre You as Smart as a First Grade Student?

Try this interesting exercise that shows how an earlier reader will perceive a text differently (and in this case more accurately) than many experienced, competent readers. How did you do? Read more.

The Learning Success Blog

Episode 84Innovative Early Learning in Panama - via Singapore

Psychologist and Educator, Dr Marianela Diaz searched the world for best practices in early learning before establishing the first Cleverest Education learning centre in Panama. She discovered Singapore leads in many aspects of early education.

Read her story, or listen to it on the Learning Capacity Podcast (episode 84 - Cleverest Education).


Magnifying Glass with Icon of Profile of Head with Cogwheel Gear Mechanism on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line Background.-1Memory

A ‘Memory Implant' for Your Brain

A USA study has successfully created what it is calling a human memory prosthesis, a system with electrodes implanted in the brain that restores memory function using a person’s own neural codes. Read more.

Free Download

maths super hero brainWould you like your child to be more confident and better at maths?

  • Does your child struggle with maths?
  • Have you tried to help, but it has not made much difference?
  • Does maths create conflict between you and your child?

Imagine if maths were easier for your child, how much better would they feel? Get your free download here.

readercomehomeBook of the Month

Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World

Will reading and consuming video content on digital devices change our brains? This book considers the future of the reading brain and our capacity for critical thinking, empathy, and reflection as we become increasingly dependent on digital technologies. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.59.45 pmApp of the Month

Yousician - Your Personal Music Teacher

Yousician - Your Personal Music Teacher is a music-practice app that helps kids learn to play the piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele. First, kids select their experience level, and then a video plays, introducing them to their in-app teacher, a real person whose voice guides the quests and songs they'll encounter next. Read more.