Welcome to the September 2019 Learning Brain News.

In this issue: ADHD, Autism & the gut, online learning for special needs students. As well as reading-aloud coaching combined with neuroscience exercise to improve thinking skills.

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Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.01.15 pmLatest Research

Teachers predict pupil success just as well as exam scores

New research from King's College, London finds teacher assessments are as reliable as standardised exams at predicting educational success. The researchers question whether the benefits of standardised exams outweigh the costs. Read more.

Little happy boy playing with big ball and jumping with slight motion up, scene in park-292039-editedWhat's New?

Study highlights power of play for self-regulation

Parents can help their children learn self-regulation through simple games and day-to-day tasks, a study at University of Otago, New Zealand, has found.

Self-regulation is a key early developmental skill that predicts a wide array of life outcomes. Read more.

Platypus power reading program different for a reason - orange2Combining Reading-Aloud Coaching & Neuroscience Exercises

If you want to help your child read more fluently, build their vocabulary and improve thinking skills, take a look at the Platypus Power Reading Program. You can do it online at home and there is a special offer in September for The Learning Brain News subscribersRead more.

What's On?



Head First into Reading: Fast & Lasting Brain-Based Solutions

Neuroscience has ushered in a new frontier for building reading skills in students who struggle to achieve.

Learn about the latest research on the reading brain and what is happening when students do not benefit from standard instruction. And find out how brain-based technologies speed reading mastery. Listen to the webinar here.


What We Know About the Causes and Symptoms

ADHD-2015A person with what we now call Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder used to be described as “having the fidgets”.

Now experts realise ADHD is much more than that.

Although many mysteries still shroud this disorder, we know that how the brain functions is a crucial factor in ADHD. And the scope of symptoms goes well beyond fidgeting. Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 3.18.44 pmWhy'd I Come in Here? Brain Zap to Boost Memory

Fuzzy memories can be frustrating, whether you're at the grocery store trying to recall if you finished the last bit of milk or in court giving eye-witness testimony.

Now, a new study finds that zapping the brain might boost that memory. After receiving stimulation in a certain part of the brain, study participants were 15.4% better at recalling memories, a group of researchers reported. Read more.


Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism

Up to 90 percent of people with autism suffer from gut problems, but nobody has known why.

New research reveals the same gene mutations - found both in the brain and the gut - could be the cause. Read more.

The Learning Success Podcast

Devon_Barnes-715288-editedDevon Barnes: 35 Years in the “Learning Difficulties Mindfield”

I was recently interviewed on The Learning Success Podcast about the challenges for parents navigating the "Learning Difficulties Mindfield".

Listen or read how you can sort the hype from reality when deciding how to help your child and what you should do it you are concerned they may have a learning difficulty.

The Learning Capacity Blog

connectMaking Online Learning Accessible: Special Needs

Making online learning accessible to people with special needs has become increasingly important in the technological age.

This article looks at some of the main challenges that online learners with disabilities face and gives tips for how to overcome them. Read more.

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Learning How to Learn Ebook

Classroom_hands_up-1Children go to school to learn. For each year of schooling there is a curriculum that has to be delivered by their teachers.

The curriculum is the "what" of education. Of course we want our students to learn “what” is delivered by the curriculum.

But education is more than the “what”. It must include the “how” of learning.

Read about the “how” of learning, why it’s important and what needs to be done to help students learn how to learn in this eBook by neuroscientist and educator, Dr Martha Burns.

Urban mythsBook of the Month

Urban Myths About Learning & Education

Many things people believe to be true about education are not supported by scientific evidence.

Urban Myths about Learning and Education examines commonly held incorrect beliefs and provides the facts from research. Read more.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 3.01.27 pmApp of the Month

Goodreads: Book Reviews

A great App if you are looking for new and interesting books.

Goodreads Book Reviews gives you personalised recommendations based on books you've read and your favourite genres. You can see what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read.

This app is free and is suitable for ages 4+.

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